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Social Media Pack

Social Media is the first face of your brand to the audience of the internet. 

Are you tired of trying to figure out what image to post- at what time- and in what order- to really reach your supporters and fans?
Tired of figuring out what emojis to use at what time?  Or when a long-form content post will really do the trick?  Do I really need to caption my coffee? 

Don't worry, I'm here to help with the personalized Social Media Pack. 

This pack contains images-with text suggestions!  And guidance on short content post versus long-form content posts, specific to the image. 

In total the pack contains 6 themed Instagram posts.  These images will vary (at your request) from brand images- to establish yourself- to event images- to announce awesome things that you're up to! like promos and sales- to lifestyle post announcements- including blog post announcements and events happening other than sales and promos- and quotes images -to further your image and brand. 

In addition to these social media posts, the pack contains  1 Pinterest/blog graphic- large enough to announce a topic or event.

Finally, the pack contains personalized 1 set of email headers and footers to make all your communications - from start to finish!- on-brand and polished.

Sound good?  Wanna take a peek?  Check out these beautiful graphics below for a taste of what this package could mean for you:

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6 themed Instagram posts to augment your brand

1 Pinterest/blog-sized graphic &

1 set of crisp email headers and footers for all your smooth communications!

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Looks good, right?  This pack can make your life a little easier and save you a TON of time trying to pull together images from the internet or sourcing good stuff that matches what you want to do and create.  You look good and don't have to have qualms about staying on brand.

Let me do a little of the heavy lifting and prep this with you.
To get started just click the button below and send me a message- if you have any questions or qualms- send them my way!


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