HEY kickass boss human!

A cold kicked my butt this weekend and it looks like the period for applications to your rockstar human ad has closed! But never fear! I am ever optimistic and will still send this to you!  I hope you had a great pea-soupy weekend and are ready to kill this short week!

Okay, okay, let's get down to business.  Here's what I bring to your business and team.  Once more, with feeling.


Social media graphics, galore.

I'm a huge fan of Canva (and of course, Photoshop, and all that jazz too) and making quick on-brand graphics that stick to the tune of your brand and lead viewers back to the amazing content you're creating on your blog and podcast! Here are some ideas and things that I could do for you:

1.  Pull quotes from the blog and podcast and turn them into beautiful visual tidbits. There are so many opportunities to crystallize your and your guests' amazing quotes on Instagram and Twitter, it's great!  We can build the funnel!  Stronger! Better than before! I would love to help you and Gisell get ahead of the battle rhythm and perhaps do "sneak peek" quotes for upcoming podcasts, and just making everything look really, really good. 

2. Add more face videos!! You have a GREAT FACE and so much presence.  It would be great if there were more videos of even just your face saying cool stuff or moving and doing cool things- like being.  Like your great new hair!  I'm dead certain your adoring and supportive audience would be enthralled by a 6 second 360 degree of your new do. 

3. Turn blog names into social media posts.  There are some GREAT TITLES that could be captured visually and posted everywhere.  Maybe I just want more "you can pick your nose..." in there internet universe...  Also Snazzy graphic with title that leads to blog post with same title = less audience confusion = more sticky readers.  It can be a little confusing to know which blog post is which, sometimes...  

4. More... dog... photos... I  wanna caption your dog on social media... so bad...  Doggos are great visual currency and I'm sure your lovely social viewers would love to see more of him!  Politicians use dogs in their campaigns to come off as friendly and engaging-




Here are some other formats that I can make stuff in other than nice square Instagram posts:

Downloadable content

You made an amazing list for the "When did we stop dancing like nobody's watching?" blog post!  Lists are great, they come off as actionable, are an organized way of presenting many associated ideas, and look really good when put together as an infographic or downloadable. They're easy to digest and are a crowd pleaser- there's a reason that "10 reasons you should eat cheese today" listacles are so popular now.  This listwould be a great downloadable to solicit for emails, and honestly, give your readers a way to engage with your content in a new way.   This would an easy straightforward way of doing that.  Readers can take and make it tangible. 

Wanted- (2).png

Saving Gisell from the annoying terror of canva!

Do you hate Canva?  Are you tired of dealing with their seemingly terribly designed system of misfit toys that you have to work around everyday?

That's wonderful!  This is going to work out just fine, because I love Canva and would love to make all your Canva-based graphics for you!  Help me save Gisell from this mind-numbing system of petty design.  I will make all of you instragram posts, and podcast titles, and twitter photos with those witty little captions.  I love that stuff!  Just tell me what your branded colors are and what you need and I will build and build a thousand posts!


So that's it!  

In addition to making your stuff look good, I would bring incorrigible optimism, wacky doodles and sketches of inane situations,  scratches and treats for your pup, and ideas like "Is this an evening tutu? and How amazing would Melissa look in it at any given point in time?"  -->
In addition, I love copy editing, making schedules, and singing songs on the radio.

Thank you for taking the time to browse with me and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!  You're both kickass humans and I'm glad to have had the chance to meet you and follow your success!

Keep up that awesome work!

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