How to set up your Business Facebook account




Maybe it's the change of seasons, but I've been putting things off recently.  Do you ever fall into that cycle of ignoring little things that would really move you along, but you can juuuust ignore them for a little while longer?

Yeah... that's where I'm at, too. I've been in the bad habit of ignoring things until the bitter end and I'm hoping to change it as the season gets colder and I'm able to spend less time looking wistfully outside while I work on a screen. 

I find that the hardest part of getting something done is getting halfway through and realizing you needed four other things one before you can really power through this one- isn't  that the worst.  You need a good graphic or a witty title, or you should have made a few examples beforehand, but now you're halfway through and you e'ither stop to go do another task, or stop altogether. 

The pit of task dispair is my colloquialism for this. 

It drags you off in another direction and it takes so much work to get back to getting that first thing done.  


Well,  Maybe I'm a raging Virgo, but unless I have a game plan, my day gets frittered away.

Recently, I set up my business Facebook account - yes seem,thing that I've been trying to get done all summer but just put off one moreee week until now- it's September... I luckily had a pretty great tutorial to follow, but it still left me with some questions. today I would like to share this Facebook business gameplan to set up up you up for success where I found some roadblocks in the way.  I'll be giving you the quick run through as well as tips and tricks along the way. I've gathered the things I would have liked to know and I'll make sure to include things that you should prepped beforehand to make everything go super smoothly!


Dont worry, there's pictures.  



Are you ready




Here's what you'll need before you start your Facebook business page.  

1. Your business name

You can only change your name and URL once on Facebook so if you don't have a solid business name  

decided, please take a few minutes to determine your best options and pick the best of them for your page. 

2. A Profile Picture

It's going to prompt you for a profile picture photo and it's best to have one prepared.  The best profile pictures photos are at least 180 by 180 pixels and feature a professional picture of your face.  Face make sales, and humans love to look at other humans (isn't that why Facebook thrives?), if you can't do your face right now use your logo or signature product instead

3.  Cover Photo

there will be an opportunity to set up your cover photo as well, and I would suggest doing it to fully brand your page for your business,  if your profile picture is your face then this is a good area to put your logo, a picture of your service or product, or a toner graphic in your brand colors.  If you can't make/find a graphic for this purpose, let me know and I can help you make one.  This photo should be at least 399 by 150 pixels.  Remember, hotdog, not hamburger on this one.

4. An idea

You should have an idea about how your business serves its audience. Something like, I'm an HTML guru who makes website look their best for busy bloggers who want to focus on content,  

A good template for this is: I'm a _______ helping _____ do_____ so that they can focus on ______. 

Filling out this quick sentence will help your about section as well as giving you some fodder for your first post.  

Please write this down somewhere, on your phone, computer, actual paper - wherever. 


Okay! Got those things in hand? Here we go: 

navigate to 



1. Choose your classification  

Facebook classifies its businesses by six categories, each with differently styles webpages and slightly different information.  The categories are:  



Your business, if it's an online based business like mine, will probably fall under "company" or "brand".  Company would be similar to a consulting agency, or a graphic design shency, or a service based business. 

Brand might be a little better for product based businesses, think Nike or Gatorade as a brands- they have products, but they ARE brands. 

Don't know which one? Go with company, its a safe bet. 

If you have a physical shop, it would be "local business or place",

the rest aren't really businesses, but alternative pages for figures, causes, and entertainment. 

If you click company, it will take you to the next screen where you can choose your categorization of your company, you can pick whichever one matches up with your company's service.  Good bets are "consulting", if you consult with customers and provide them services, or "internet" company, -you are internet based, right?



That step is skipped if you mark brand,

now you just to enter your brand name- which you have ready, and your page is built!


Now the fun building begins.  

2. Upload your photos

Your page is now live and you want it to look as good as possible from the get go.  

Upload your profile picture and cover photo that you prepped earlier for this cause. Good to go! 

Congratulations.  Easiest step ever right? (this is probably why meal prep works so well...) 


3. Complete your about section

Just through photos alone, people who hit your Facebook business page won't know what you can provide or what you're about if you don't give them some blatant clues,  

Filling out the about page shouldn't be too hard if you write down that idea from before! 

Something along the lines of I do this to help these people do what they do. 


This should ideally be one to three sentences long and tell potential customers and incoming Facebook humans how you can help them, what you provide, and what makes you different,  a lot in a few sentences!  

I'll have a template out for this soon that will help you tear right through this about section.  More on that later! 


4. Favorite your page  

Favorite this page both in your Facebook browser so it shows up as one of your main pages., as well as in your web browser.  Bookmark this to make it easier on yourself later when you're trying to find that one page you made that one time in as sea of Facebook pages. 


5. Make your first post in your page 

Use your first post to say hello to the world and give a welcoming message to those who might investigate your business page.  You don't need to build everything now, but a quick status update would be great!  The easiest way to get this done is  to use the format:

Greet, About, Excitement, Ask. 

Greet: Hello, Facebook world, this is B the founder of Breamons and I'm glad you landed in my page today, 

About:  I'm a graphic designer who loves helping entrepreneurs look their best so they can focus on their product and content.

Excitement: I'm pumped to be here and I love getting down to business and building beautiful web pages and style guides. 

Ask:  So tell me, how did you land on my page today and do you have any Questions? 


Something as simple as that would make a good first post for people to interact with as they get to know your brand and give them a space to ask questions or give comments. 


Congrats! Your business Facebook page is now live, branded, and has its first post!  

Here's the summary: 



Did I forget anything? Do you have any questions? Leave me a comment below!

Brianna Eamons