100 days of pattern

 I'm not going to lie, I joined the 100 Days of Pattern challenge because the fabulous Sarah Combs, of DesignComb, created 100 days of cactus and my heart was SOLD.  

 If my house had more window space I could fit more cacti...  I'm always on the lookout for another little spiny plant to join me.  I'm sure that I need to actually use the windows for light though... So as it stands it's me and my trusty prickly pear with his friends, agave and yuha cactus... I digress. 

Recently, I've been in need of a major re-set.  Between the rush of springtime work and the overwhelming heat of the humid D.C. summer I've been looking for a way to keep $$Hustling$$- well creating- without burning out my brain. 

It's been a constant battle between myself and brain space and what I want to accomplish within a day. And needing to keep up with precious friendships.  It's all in the wash.

A old idea kept reappearing until I couldn't ignore it in the past week- the idea of Morning Pages.
While I've read about the physiological impacts of Morning Pages, I kept on ignoring the fact that what it boasted to do, I desperately needed.   
To wax poetic, it is an exercise to rejuvenate your creativity and provide restoration for your process.  In the morning before you do anything (check your phone, look at the mirror), you sit down and write out, longhand, three entire pages (one of my friends insists this must be A5 size... I'm sure any effort counts though).
They can be ideas, anything that comes into your mind, or just incoherent babble.  The internet is quietly raving about it. .... I had my reservations at first,  I write for my work and haven't been able to get much pleasure or joy out of writing than I do through creating and designing.  My dear friend in Scotland is starting up the practice and reminded me of the fact that whether or not I put aside the time to take care of my own brain-

The time will pass. 
Whether or not you choose to change something in your life is up to you.  But you cannot stop the days passing, anyhow.  So why not try?

When I encountered the 100 days of pattern it seems to be the perfect combination of consistent creation and the benefits of accumulated work, with daily practice. So in the (hopefully,  but not probably) consecutive 100 days I aim to create 100 patterns of beautiful things.

Who knows what can happen in 100 days! 

The time will pass.  Whether or not I complete what I'm setting out to do.  But why not take a journey and just see where each day takes me? 

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What have you been planning to do but haven't gotten around to doing?   

Have you taken on any challenges this summer?

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