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Brand Overview

Consistency is key.

When telling your story through your brand, consistency is key in building trust with your audience and customer.  The best way to ensure that you're consistent?  Good process guides.  The best way to make sure your VISUALLY consistent. 
A Branding Book.


A Branding Book is a way to pull all your actionable information about what look-feel your brand has, or wants, together in order to provide consistent and a measurable guide for you or your team to rely on, again and again.  Your customers as well will rely on you to be the same person each time they reach your site, or your email, or your Instagram.  Are you providing the same feeling?  Are you reliable in your choices?

Do you want to avoid confusing the people you're trying to help? 

You need a Branding Book.

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A Branding BOok...

Will provide the structure you and your team need to make sure your visually on message in every interaction you have with your constituents- people who were previously, or are interested in becoming, or don't quite know about being, your customer.  

The first part of the process is choosing colors that match your brand and are cohesive to the message you are conveying.  

Font provides consistency in message across all platforms, and can include what font you use for things like "quotations" and "massive titles" etc.

Inspiration is less "Inspo" and more here's the consistent Look-Feel our customer expects and wants.

This guide can be used in every part of your process: from pulling together instagram posts to figuring out what color your links should be in an email campaign. 

Here are a few good examples:

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Is your brain saying you need one of these?  

Contact me here and let's talk about your branding book!